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The Financial Therapy Network approach will empower you in all areas of your life by providing you with a comprehensive method for achieving long-lasting financial wellbeing.

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What is the Financial Therapy Network?

Financial Therapy Network (FTN) enables you to heal your relationship with money through a unique, interactive and positive approach to financial wellness and money management. The following original, financial wellness products and services are available only through Financial Therapy Network.

My Money Myself Self Help Program

Self Help Program

Begin your journey to a better personal and financial future with My Money Myself.

Create long-lasting, positive money habits.

Reduce, eliminate and cope with debt.

Improve your financial situation and wellbeing.

Achieve financial goals by setting financial priorities.

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A Place to Learn, Share and Connect

Our community forum and blog offer additional support, encouragement and wisdom on your journey to financial wellbeing. Everyone is welcome! No one ever has to feel on their own as a member of the Financial Therapy Network Community.