Is it time for some financial spring cleaning in your life? Are you ready to give your finances and money management a makeover? Spring is a time of year associated with fresh starts, so this is as good a time as any for a fresh financial start. Use the following five tips to spring clean your financial life and empower yourself to achieve financial security and long-lasting financial wellbeing.

Review Your Relationship with Your Money

How important is the relationship you have with your money? It’s important enough that, here at the Financial Therapy Network, we’ve deemed your money relationship as the number one financial success secret for improving your financial situation. With that in mind, it is time to review and spring clean this relationship. And the best way to do this is dedicate time – one hour a week – learning more about your money and yourself.

Spring Clean Credit Card Debt

Uncontrollable credit card debt holds many individuals and families back from creating a secure financial future. When it comes to indebted households, shared that, “As of March 2016, the average credit card debt for these households is $16,048.” So, how can you take back control of your money and your life this spring by reducing credit card debt? To spring clean credit card debt, start using these three tips to reduce credit card debt. You can also learn how to create your personal G.O.O.D. (Get Out Of Debt) Plan in the self-guided My Money Myself program here at the Financial Therapy Network.

Get Outside and Exercise

How can exercising this spring help you improve your financial wellbeing? When you begin a regular exercise routine and improve your physical health and mental health, you will find it much easier to overcome obstacles you face along the road to financial wellbeing. So, while you’re spring cleaning your home, don’t throw out those sneakers. Instead, put them on and start a daily exercise routine. Use these tips to get started with regular exercise – start small, set S.M.A.R.T. goals, find activities you enjoy and exercise with a partner.

Spring Cleaning Spending and Saving Plan

When spring cleaning in your home, it helps to have a good set of cleaning tools (e.g., vacuum, mop, sponges, etc.) This spring, when you are cleaning up your finances, you should also make use of an important tool which will help you take back control of your money and create financial independence. No, we’re not talking about a budget. Instead, you should use a much more effective tool for empowering you to achieve financial wellbeing, and that tool is your Personal Spending and Savings Plan (PSSP).

Eliminate Stress with a Positive, Proactive Plan

With all of the changes your will be undergoing as you spring clean your financial life, you will encounter quite a bit of stress. For our final financial spring cleaning tip, we’d like to remind you to create a positive, proactive plan to deal with stress. There are a number of ways to address stress in a healthy manner. Some of these include: regular exercise, daily mindfulness practice, embracing change and finding time for yourself each day to disconnect and recharge.

Do you have any questions about our tips to spring clean your financial life and empower yourself to achieve long-lasting financial wellbeing? Do not hesitate to contact us at the Financial Therapy Network. We’re always here to help!