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Take control of your money and take back control of your life! Sign up today for our 5-lesson, self help program and create a better financial future for yourself and your family.

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Benefits of My Money Myself

Our self help program equips you to manage your money successfully and provides the knowledge to create long-term financial wellbeing.

Create long-lasting, positive money habits.

Reduce, eliminate and cope with debt.

Improve your financial situation and wellbeing.

Achieve financial goals by setting financial priorities.

Gain saving, investing, insurance, and financial planning knowledge.

Discover spending triggers that put your financial wellbeing at risk.

Use proven, effective money management tools.

Much more…

Why My Money Myself is Right for You

Are money and debt a constant concern and stressor? Do you feel hopeless in your present financial situation? Would you like a supportive, positive, empowering solution to your personal and financial wellbeing?

My Money Myself (MMM) empowers you to create a better financial future for you and your family by addressing money management through a supportive and hope-filled approach.

The MMM process helps you recognize why you are in your current position, as well as where and how to get to the place you want to be in the future.

As you proceed through each lesson, you will discover that taking control of your money and your life is more doable, empowering and life-changing than you ever imagined!

My Money Myself consists of five lessons with each lesson containing a number of sub-sections. Your purchase includes access to all future updates and includes unlimited access to discussion board topics and replies.

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What is Financial WellBeing?

Do you worry about paying bills each month? Do you lose sleep over debt and the inability to save money for your future? Do you experience daily stress because you can’t afford to do things with/for your children?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are not experiencing financial wellbeing.

Financial Wellbeing: embracing the financial component of your life so money is not a constant concern and stressor.

You can achieve this safe, contented state of financial wellbeing by developing a deeper understanding of your relationship with your money and building some money management know-how. My Money Myself, our Supportive Community and our Financial Wellness Blog are vehicles for empowering you to create financial wellbeing in your life.

The Financial Therapy Network approach, enables you to create long-term financial wellbeing by improving your relationship with money and developing healthier money habits which lead to debt reduction, asset building and financial wellbeing.

The Financial Therapy Network approach is totally focused on helping men and women to achieve financial wellbeing. Start taking control of your personal and financial life today when you sign up for our My Money Myself self-help program.

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A Place to Learn, Share and Connect

Our community forum and blog offer additional support, encouragement and wisdom on your journey to financial wellbeing. Everyone is welcome! No one ever has to feel on their own as a member of the Financial Therapy Network Community.